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A new and faster guideline of administration (cluster) of the immunotherapy for allergic animals has been developed.  This new guideline of administration developed by the staff of the Faculty of Veterinary of the UCM, permits to reach the dose of maintenance in only 2 weeks; having tested its security and efficiency by means of clinical studies.  For more information contact us or the authors of the study. 


MAY 2006

Alergovet throws on its web page "Online Results".  Just by signing up you will be able to consult in real time the results of the analyses and processing of hiposensibilization of your patients, as well as all the history of your clinic from January 1st, 2005.  For more information or to sign up, contact us. 


MAY 2005

Continuing the last scientific advances in diagnosis of food allergy and with the help of the experience in human medicine, Alergovet throws its new Food Elisa®.  This new test for the diagnosis "in vitro" includes the decision not only of the IgE, but also of the IgG, with the ones that in these moments the efficiency of the diets based on its results surpasses the 85%, and becomes a magnificent tool of help in the diagnosis of this illness more and more frequent in ours patient. 

MARCH 2006

In the past Congress of AMVAC celebrated in Madrid the book  "Dermatitis Atópica:  Differential diagnosis through Clinical Cases" has been presented.  This book by its new focus constitutes an excellent tool to refresh your mind about this illness more and more frequent, being besides written by diverse members of the group of dermatology of the GEDA.  Alergovet has the pleasure to put at the disposal of its clients this book.  Contact us for more information.