Más sobre nosotros

Alergovet possesses the certifications of Quality ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. 

The certification ISO 9001:2000 is a system of management of the quality that is composed of the assembly of elements interrelated of a business or organization for which the quality  is administered in a planned way, seeking for the satisfaction of your clients. The main ones are: the structure of the organization, its processes, its documents and its resources. 

The system of management of the quality in an organization has as a supporting tool the manual of quality, and as a supplements has a series of additional documents like manuals, procedures, technical instructions, registrations and systems of information. 

The norm also says that "The Organizations depend on their clients and consequently should understand their present and future needs , to satisfy the requirements of the clients and to try to go even beyond the  expectations of the clients", and it is our commitment to do so.

The certification ISO 14001:2004 is the international norm of Systems of Environmental Management (SEM).  This system can help the company to manage its activities, products and services with the purpose to assure a suitable conformity with its own environmental politics. 


The SGM itself involves tangible commercial benefits, so that the establishment and certification of the fulfillment of the norm ISO 14001 permits the company to show its commitment to reduce its impact in the Environment.  Sometimes, competitive advantages greater and greater, and an improvement in the motivation of the staff appear like direct benefits of an effective SGM.  By means of this process the company investigates the environmental aspects/impacts in its operations, decides which are the most significant and analyzes them to optimize them. 

All of this permits Alergovet to manage its resources and activities so that the level of quality could be the optimum one and so that our clients can obtain the maximum of guarantees in their relation with us; like collaborating with the Sustainable Growth with the maximum respect for Environment.