Más sobre nosotros

The Alergovet Project begins in 1998 with the aim of creating a company able to consolidate as a leader in the veterinary allergy area and as a national and European reference in the diagnostic and treatment of allergic diseases in small animals.

To obtain a reputable business and of reference inside the veterinary sector highly specialized in clinical diagnosis with capacity to compete with other companies, it is not enough to have good products and an adequate structure for its commercialization.  It is surely  much  more important to present other objectives to long extents  based on Research and Development and its Quality  that permit us to stay on top in a  technological sector  where new products of very high technological quality are introduced each year in the market. 

During these five years, the effort carried out has served us to obtain the certification of Quality ISO 9001 and to consolidate us thanks to the products and methods developed, as one of the companies that have most contributed in terms of R+ D in the veterinary allergy in the European environment.



The excellent results obtained, after some  time,  confirm that the strategy of Alergovet in general and its politics of R + D particularly was an adequate election for the model of business that we wanted to develop and our consolidation as leaders in this sector.

As President of Alergovet, it is for me a great satisfaction to make you know by this memory the results obtained in the last five years of life of this company. I would like as well to stand out that this would not have been possible without the help of the institute of development of Madrid, the collaboration of Investigation work groups of different Universities and Public Centers and the Technical Team of Alergovet, that have been conducted and coordinated by a Scientific committee, that has a knowing prestige in the International Scientific Community.

To all of them my sincerely gratefulness.

Enrique Ochando
Alergovet´s President